Photo collage: 10 years Energy Indeed

Today, April 6, 2021, Energy Indeed celebrates its tenth birthday. Over the past ten years, the cumulative installed capacity of solar power in the Netherlands has become approximately 100 times as large. Energy Indeed has grown along with this and, especially in recent years, the mission of putting sustainability into practice has become more and more visible. Therefore, it seems to be a good moment to put together some projects that have been realized over the years.

10 jaar Energy Indeed
The collage below shows a selection of photos of completed projects in which Energy Indeed has been involved to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes only at the front or only at the back, but in most cases over a longer period of time: from a first exploration or feasibility study to tendering and realization, and often also during operation and maintenance. In this way, in addition to the numerous sustainable projects, many sustainable relationships have arisen as well. Not only around projects that can be displayed in the form of completed systems, such as below, but also around projects where this is less tangible, such as with the various national and international market studies, information tools and training courses. Those relationships give full confidence to continue to work together on a bright, sunny future. Therefore, in the coming years, the photo collage will undoubtedly expand even further.

The photos will load below. Click on the photos for a larger version.

Mark Meijer - April 6, 2021

Mark Meijer MSc.