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Frequently asked

Juridical aspects
Which national and international laws do I have to deal with? How does net metering work? Which subsidies are available?

Market developments
What are technological developments? What are the price developments? Who are the suppliers? What are the new initiatives?

Business models
What are possible organizational structures? And financial structures? What are the pros and cons? Who can I approach?

Quality assurance
Which certificates are important? How to deal with these certificates during procurement? What are other options to assure quality?

What are the trends in the international solar market? What chances are there? How do we take these chances?

What is your question?

Whether your question is technical, financial or organizational, Energy Indeed is pleased to help you finding an answer. Below you can find several services that we provide.



Potential analysis

Feasibility studies

Second opinion

Project management

Project management

Tender procedures

Collective purchasing

Quality assurance

Calculation models

Calculation models

Financial analysis

Risk analysis

SDE++ subsidy applications



Information events



Market overviews

Market overviews


Stakeholder analysis

International positioning

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