Overbetuwe municipality (2022-2023)

Preparations for a solar carport with battery storage at the P+R in Elst

St Jansdal hospital (2024)

Preparation and submitting of a DUMAVA subsidy application for hospital Harderwijk

Talent Primair (2023-2024)

European tender of solar panels on 9 schools in and around Het Gooi

Druten and Wijchen (2022-2024)

Inventory and working-out of solutions for grid congestion, e.g. for a solar carport

Leiden University (2022-present)

Preparation, submitting and support after DUMAVA subsidy applications

Renkum municipality (2023-2024)

Preparation and support to the selection procedure of ground-mounted solar PV

CVO Rotterdam e.o. (2023)

European tender of approximately 3,200 solar panels on 8 schools

Schouwen-Duiveland municipality (2023)

Support to solar PV and charging infrastructure plan at Transferium Renesse

Biezonderwijs and Xpect Primair (2023)

European tender of approximately 2,000 solar panels on 15 schools

Leidschendam-Voorburg (2022-present)

Support to the realization of large rooftop solar PV systems within the municipality

Ede municipality (2022-2023)

European tender of approximately 2,500 solar panels on 23 schools

Natuur & Milieu (2021-2022)

Research on the combination of solar power and electric charging at distribution centers

Trudo / OpenRemote (2021-2022)

Business case optimization for combined solar and wind generation at Strijp-S Eindhoven (2020-2021)

Update of an information tool about solar PV for schools and other social real estate

Adelbert College Wassenaar (2021)

Procurement and realization of 680 solar panels on a secondary school

AM (2021)

Quickscan PV and EV-charging infrastructure optimization at Bajeskwartier Amsterdam

Zonnescholen / BreedSaam (2020-2021)

European tender of more than 7,500 solar panels on schools in the Netherlands

Aloysius Foundation (2020-2021)

European tender of solar panels on 10 schools for special education

Carmel Foundation (2018-2020)

European tender and realization of 15,000 solar panels on 29 secondary schools

Texel municipality (2019-2020)

Support to a tender procedure of four solar rooftop systems and a solar carport

Galilei Education Group (2017-2020)

Feasibility studies, European tender and realization of solar panels on schools

Leiden University (2015-2022)

Potential analysis and business case calculations for solar energy systems

Berkvens (2018-2022)

Procurement and realization of an operational lease rooftop solar energy system (2.4 MWp) (2019-2020)

Development of factsheets with solar PV data per RES-region and good practices

Overbetuwe municipality (2019-2021)

Support to the realization of solar PV systems with SDE+ subsidy on municipal buildings

Proominent Ede Foundation (2019)

Potential analysis and feasibility study for solar panels on 12 primary schools in Ede

Bronkhorst Lease (2018-2019)

SDE+ subsidy application and procurement of solar panels on different electricity connections

Rijkswaterstaat (2018-2019)

Financial comparison between different roles in the development of solar farms

Oss municipality (2019-2022)

Support to the tender procedure and realization of a collective solar energy project

Heumen municipality (2019)

Advisory note on the installation of solar panels on the municipal yard in Malden

Schooldakrevolutie (2019-present)

Support with independent advice and guidance in the realization of solar panels on schools

OMO (2016-present)

European tender and realization of solar panels on more than 40 secondary schools

Rheden municipality (2017-2019)

Quickscans and support to the realization of several solar PV systems for schools

Sint Joseph schools (2012-present)

Tender procedure and evaluation of about 1,200 solar panels on 11 primary schools

Rijkswaterstaat (2018)

Feasibility study for solar farms in the central region of the Netherlands

VITO / EV Consult (2018)

Development of a pilot project for an Urban Energy & Mobility Hub

Rijkswaterstaat (2017-2018)

Exploration of ground-mounted and floating solar farms in combination with wind farms

Den Helder municipality (2017-2018)

Training and consultancy about solar energy and the development of a solar farm / NABC (2017-2018)

Inventory of renewable energy cooperation between the Netherlands and Morocco

Royal Dutch Kusters (2017)

International market scan about the recycling of solar panels

Jaarbeurs / VNU Exhibitions (2017)

Speech and side-event about solar energy for the food industry at VIV Asia in Bangkok

Pallas Athene College (2016-2017)

SDE+ subsidy application (approved) and support in the realization of a PV system (2013-2016)

International positioning of the Dutch solar PV sector (various countries and assignments)

Eindhoven municipality (2016)

Advisory note on solar energy at the Brainport Industries Campus and Eindhoven Airport

EV Consult (2016)

Support to the development of a government information tool about charging on solar

Brink Climate Systems (2016)

Feasibility study and subsidy application for a rooftop solar PV system (realized)

Vencomatic Group (2015)

Development of solar energy solutions for Vencomatic products in Africa

Stiftung Umweltenergierecht (2015)

Presentation about the SDE+ regulation
at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin

LAB Vlieland / Vlieland municipality (2015)

Work plan and procurement of a solar farm on Vlieland Island (realized) (2015)

Development of a digital information tool for schools about solar power projects

HKS Metals (2015)

Feasibility study for a large-scale rooftop solar PV system

Energiek Heusden (2015)

Support to the collective purchase of solar panels by members of the energy cooperative

Avalon Advies (2015)

Handouts and presentations about solar panels for the Energieplein

Netherlands-African Business Counc. (2014)

Chair of the roundtable about Dutch renewable energy initiatives in Africa

SIDEON Foundation (2014)

Exploratory study on solar energy business opportunities in Cameroon

iChoosr (2014)

Company audits for the collective solar PV initiative SamenZonneEnergie

Wijchen municipality (2013-2014)

Advice on the realization of a building-integrated solar energy system (BIPV)

Zeeuwind (2013-2014)

Development of a format and exploitation model for cooperative solar projects

Arnhem Nijmegen City Region (2012-2014)

Support to a collective solar PV initiative for households, companies and 28 municipalities

Lingewaard municipality (2013)

Feasibility study for solar PV on the municipal office in Bemmel (2012-2013)

Research on quality assurance of collective PV initiatives in the Netherlands

Eindhoven municipality (2012-2013)

Selection of buildings and business cases for solar panels on municipal buildings

NUON / Vattenfall (2012)

Presentation about local renewable energy initiatives in the Netherlands

Kempen municipalities (2012)

Support to a collective solar PV initiative in five Dutch municipalities

Eindhoven municipality (2012)

Technical, financial and organizational research on solar panels for primary schools

Beuningen municipality (2011-2012)

Support to a collective solar PV initiative for households, companies and municipalities (2011)

Inventory of new business models for solar PV in the Netherlands

ANWB / Royal Touring Association (2011)

Implementation of an energy saving strategy at the ANWB head office in The Hague

Mark Meijer MSc.