Presentation Dutch solar energy in Africa

On Thursday, June 12, 2014, the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and TNO will organize an exclusive roundtable meeting about renewable energy in Africa. The meeting will start at 1.00 PM at the TNO headquarters in Delft, the Netherlands.

Mark Meijer (Energy Indeed) will be the chairman of the meeting. He will also give a brief presentation about the international positioning of the Dutch solar PV sector.

Energy Indeed is currently working on this theme, together with Atrivé and assigned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs).

Relevant organizations can apply for the meeting via the website of NABC. The number of attendants is limited though. Therefore the organization might have to make a selection.

Roundtable about renewable energy in Africa led by Energy Indeed

Mark Meijer - May 20, 2014

Mark Meijer MSc.